Science Writing

I believe that scientists must share their expertise with the public. Scientific literacy is crucial to getting the answers right on today's pressing policy questions. That's why I've written about issues like genome editing technology, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and evolution. Below are some highlights from my writing portfolio.


I wrote an introduction to the biotechnology portal for the Future of Life Institute, an organization that studies existential risk.

  • "GMOs lead the fight against Zika, Ebola and the next unknown pandemic," The Conversation

Article featured at The New Republic and Scroll.In.

  • "What does it mean for researchers, journalists and the public when secrecy surrounds science?" The Conversation

"What really happened behind closed doors when over 130 scientists, industry leaders and ethicists convened to talk about synthesizing a human genome? How did these sessions end up so widely misunderstood by the media and the public?" 

Article featured at Live Science.

  • "CRISPR/Cas gene-editing technique holds great promise, but research moratorium makes sense pending further study," The Conversation

Article featured at Live Science.

Article written as part of ComSciCon-SciWri15 and ScienceWriters2015.

Essay written as an undergraduate that was awarded with publication in The Verge, Goucher College's student- and faculty-nominated journal.

As an undergraduate, I published a successful blog about general science topics. At the peak of its popularity, the blog had over 70,000 subscribers.